When your life is at stake

Draw strength, gain knowledge first-hand, be inspired by the uncompromising and amazing expeditions of Gábor Rakonczay, a two-time Guinness World Record holder and extreme athlete

Gábor Rakonczay won the 6-day ultrarunning world championship in Italy in 2023. With 848 kilometers of running!

Amazing stories and knowledge tested in live situation

Development of a goal-oriented attitude derived from expedition experiences. Goal realization. Crisis management. Focus. Endurance.
Cross your limits and be inspired by the most extreme adventures, from the number one extreme athlete in Hungary.


International records. Real experiences. Gábor Rakonczay.

Gábor Rakonczay is an extreme athlete, two-time Guinness World Record holder and multiple Hungarian record holder. Six-time ocean crossing sailor, owner of the American Adventure of the Year Award and the Hungarian Design Award.

He is a member of the first Hungarian double ocean rowing team and the only person in the world who rowed across an ocean alone.

Ultrarunning world champion who regularly completes runs of hundreds of kilometers. He crossed Greenland twice and reached the South Pole in a 44-day expedition. He is the author of 5 books and so far in 5 countries, more than 250,000 people have heard his lectures on goal realization.


Comprehensible presentations for those who would invest in their own lives, teams or goals

Company presentations

Company presentations

Presentations optimized for companies and teams according to pre-agreed aspects, development of a goal-oriented attitude transferred from expedition experiences, goal realization, crisis management, focus, persistence, change management. Performances at more than 1000 successful events.

My lectures

My lectures

Presentations about experiences, in the framework of a presentation optimized for the team and the audience. About 15 years of extreme expedition adventures. Crossing 6 oceans, Greenland and Antarctic expeditions, the experiences and lessons of hundreds of kilometers of ultra runs in one bouquet.

Charity performances

Charity performances

For primary, secondary and higher education institutions and sports associations. An experience report on ocean crossings and Arctic expeditions combined with a projection, primarily in the areas of motivation, sports, endurance and achieving goals. More than 200 times, for 30,000 young people.

"Fear is my friend"

He was the first Hungarian to reach the South Pole from the edge of the land in Antarctica

Gábor Rakonczay reached the South Pole in January 2019, becoming the first Hungarian to set off from the coast of the Antarctic mainland. The Hungarian extreme athlete completed the 917 kilometer distance in 44 days and 4 hours. His sled weighed 92 kilos when it started. On it he dragged all his equipment, food, tent and everything needed for the 44-day journey. He's burned ten percent of his body weight and had frostbite on his face, but he was happier than ever.

Presentations based on lived experiences to redefine your limits

If you don't want to procrastinate, stop halfway or stay on the floor in case of failure, then get inspired and get first-hand knowledge from one of the best-known extreme athletes, who will share his experience in extreme situations and help you transfer it to achieve your goals.

Incredible Stories

Expeditions and adventures in books


Get inspired by the most extreme adventures and redefine your limits

With the lectures, the knowledge that Gábor Rakonczay has tested in live situations on various expeditions in the last 15 years away from our world that he thought was safe, and which are methods that can be transferred to everyday life as well. So far, the lectures have been listened to by more than 250,000 people at about 1,000 events in 5 countries and used in the training of about 300 Hungarian and international businesses to achieve their goals more effectively.

How to reach your goal

Experience in intense situations to achieve your own and your team's goals

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"In extreme situations, the only source of danger is the person himself."

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