Solo transatlantic canoeing

Transatlantic canoeing for the first time and alone in the world

6400 km

77 days

His crossing of the Atlantic Ocean from east to west, alone, was the first in the world.

Aboard „Vitéz” on the open water

The ship

Awards won


Briefly about the venture

Gábor Rakonczay's first solo transatlantic rowing, with a special ocean canoe named Vitéz, designed and built by Nándor Fa. The 77- day ocean crossing consisted of two sections: the Europe - Canary Islands section (from Lagos to Las Palmas) lasted 16 days, then rowing down to the southern part of the island, the two-month ocean crossing to the island of Antigua started from Pasito Blanco. However, on the 33rd day of the trip, about a thousand kilometers from the nearest land, the canoe overturned in a storm and after the almost fatal overturning, much of the equipment, including the satellite phone, got soaked and destroyed. Thus, Gábor had to spend the remaining 44 days until the mooring completely isolated from the outside world, fighting to stay alive. When he reached the island of Antigua, many newspapers from the Czech Republic to Uruguay wrote about the sportsman, and following the AP news agency's interview, almost every major newspaper in the United States published news about rowing. In 2013, Gábor Rakonczay won the Guinness Word Record award for the world's first transatlantic canoeing. The book written about the expedition, Crossing the Infinite, is not only for people interested in open water sailing, but for everyone who is preparing to cross their own inner ocean.

Pictures from the expedition