Mont Blanc #sea2summit

Running and climbing to the highest mountain peak in Europe in 7 days

After covering 400 kilometers in seven days, Gábor Rakonczay reached 4,808 meters above sea level (from Genoa), the summit of Mont Blanc. He covered the distance by running and climbing. During his journey, he had to adapt to extreme weather conditions, he ran through heat and hail.

From the beach to the mountain top. In between 400 km of running.



Briefly about the venture

As part of a 7-day project, Gábor Rakonczay was the first to reach the foot of Mont Blanc, running from the beach near Genoa, and then climbed the mountain. The route involved several passes, including the highest paved pass in Europe, the Col de L'Iseran at 2,770 meters. The weather became quite trying, often 35-40 degrees C heat was replaced by hailstorms, until the cold front reached the mountain. After the amazing performance, Gábor said: "...one thing is certain, we have physical limits, but it's also certain that they are infinitely farther than we could imagine in our wildest dreams."

Pictures from the expedition

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