Transatlantic double rowing

The first Hungarian ocean crossing

6700 km

70 days

The first Hungarian double crossing of the Atlantic Ocean in the east-west direction with the self- designed and built Tűzhangya boat, in a world record time. /Gran Anaria - Antigua 51 days 6 hours 10 minutes/

Andrea and Gábor, two twenty-five-year-olds, on board of the Fire Ant (Tűzhangya)

They had never rowed, never been on the ocean, never built a ship...

The ship


Awards won


Briefly about the venture

Andrea Pálos (Viktória Teleki Farkas) and Gábor Rakonczay, with their own designed and built boat, were the first Hungarian pair to cross the Atlantic Ocean in a world record time in mixed pairs.

The ocean rowing boat they designed and built, named Tűzhangya, won the Hungarian Design Award in the product category from the Hungarian Patent Office in 2007. In connection with the success of the ocean rowing, they were recognized by Guinness World Records in London and the Adventure of the Year Award from National Geographic Adventure in Washington. The general public could see the boat at the Hungarian Museum of Applied Arts in Budapest and at the Vienna Boat Show in Vienna. The highly successful book about the expedition, The Fire Ant, was published in Hungary in 2011.

Pictures from the expedition

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