Greenland expedition

On skis, on the Greenland ice field

600 km

29 days

Greenland, the world's largest island, is covered by an average thickness of 2,000 meters of ice. The place that, according to legend, polar bears pass only once every 7 years.

Storm during the Greenland expedition




Briefly about the venture

Gábor Rakonczay's first serious Arctic expedition with an international team of 7 people. Following the route of the famous Norwegian explorer Fridtjof Nansen 130 years ago. Where the team dragged the entire equipment and food on sleds for 4 weeks from the east coast of Greenland to the west side of the ice plateau. The team's progress was slowed down by a 4-day storm, which was hampered by a 110 km/h base wind and a temperature of -20C inside the tent. The athlete completed the expedition with significant weight loss and minor frostbite injuries, but at the same time, this trip provided the technical and physical preparation for the 44-day Antarctic expedition (a childhood dream) a few weeks later.

Pictures from the expedition

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