Gábor Rakonczay: The Adventurer (Available for Order Soon)

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Bálnák, cápák, világvége sziget, viharok, grönlandi és Déli-sark expedíciók, Atlanti-óceán átkelések…
Rakonczay Gábor gyerekkori tervei a nagy kalandokról, melyek mára megvalósultak.Amikor kissrác voltam, megkérdezték mi leszek, ha nagy leszek?

An adventurer, I replied.

There's no such profession...

Why wouldn't there be?! I said.

In this enchanting fairy tale, you can read incredibly exciting and inspiring stories about expeditions carried out in the most diverse parts of the Earth.

With illustrations by Igor Lazin, Peter Jones—an Australian-Hungarian children's book author—narrates the incredible adventures of Gábor Rakonczay. The message of these adventures is that with sufficient perseverance, our dreams are always achievable.

Gábor Rakonczay is an extreme athlete, a two-time Guinness World Record holder, and a six-time ocean-crossing sailor. He is the recipient of the American Adventure of the Year Award and the Hungarian Design Award. Regularly completing ultra-distance runs of several hundred kilometers, he crossed Greenland in 29 days and reached the South Pole in a 44-day expedition. As the author of 3 books, his goal-setting lectures have been heard by over 200,000 people in 5 countries.


Publisher: Peter Jones Magic
Number of pages: 32
Cover: Sewn, hardcover
Weight: 260 gr
ISBN: 9786158183604
Language: Hungarian
Year of publication: 2021
Product code: 2751476 / 1202446
Illustration: With colorful illustrations
Illustrator: Igor Lazin


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