Presentations tailored to your needs

If you don't want to procrastinate, stop halfway or stay on the floor in case of failure.

With the lectures, the knowledge that Gábor Rakonczay has tested in the past 15 years far from our safe world, on various expeditions, and which are methods that can be transferred to everyday life, is available.

So far, the lectures have been listened to by more than 250,000 people at about 1,000 events in 5 countries and used in the training of about 300 Hungarian and international businesses to achieve their goals more effectively.

Corporate presentations for your successful individual and team goals

Experience presentation

Performance optimized for the team/audience.

Dealing with extreme failures in 2023.

Pair performances

Small group training

My own performances, for the realization of your wildest dreams

My lectures

Charity performances for the future generation

Charity performances

For whom?

Primarily for primary, secondary and higher education institutions, sports associations and young people.

About what?

Experience report on ocean crossings and arctic expeditions, mainly in the field of motivation, sports, endurance and achieving goals.


In the various institutes, one thing is certain, wherever and in whatever situation a young person is, he/she represents a huge opportunity for the entire world. It is clear to what extent a single person can make our world a better place, and if we have the opportunity to help in this, then it is also a responsibility that goes far beyond the sparkling eyes or the kind feedback from the perspective of the years.

Gábor Rakonczay has given performances to more than 40,000 young people in a completely charitable way. In kindergartens, primary schools, high schools and universities, but also for disadvantaged communities, correctional institutions and various sports associations.

Get first-hand knowledge from one of Hungary's best-known extreme athletes, who will pass on his experience in extreme situations and help you transfer it to achieve your goals

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