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Gábor Rakonczay

Two-time Guinness World Record holder and multiple Hungarian record holder. Six-time ocean crossing sailor, owner of the American Adventure of the Year Award and the Hungarian Design Award. The only man to row across an ocean alone.



Ultrarunning world champion who regularly completes runs of hundreds of kilometers. He crossed Greenland twice and reached the South Pole in a 44-day expedition. He is the author of 5 books and so far in 5 countries, more than 250,000 people have heard his lectures on goal realization.


I was born in 1981 as the eldest in a family of seven children, so for me family life at home has always meant a colorful and busy world. Because of my studies, I experienced a total of nine different communities, in addition to which I participated in the life of another five sports communities, so I saw quite early how different life paths unfold for someone, simply because of their thinking or their approach to things. Except for maybe one or two occasions, my parents supported me to the fullest in whatever I did, and this kind of freedom for a goal-oriented child like me greatly accelerated and increased the possibility of directing my life in the direction I wanted. This was reinforced by art studies. Like Kisképző (Vocational and Applied Arts Secondary School) and AMI (University of Western Hungary – Faculty of Wood Engineering – Institute of Applied Arts, Architect and Designer, Design major)

Family life has always meant a colorful and busy world

Competitive sports have been an integral part of my life since childhood

"You only survive this if you do it right. During such ventures, at night, drifting in the middle of the ocean, a person truly experiences that he is not the center of the world, but only a tiny dot in it."

"If I do something for myself or for my situation, it is always worth it"

In addition to artistic training, competitive sports taught me a basic truth at an early age: if I do something for myself or for my situation, it is always worth it. – Because we can always take as much out of life as we put into it. In addition, I had quite a hard time with my childhood, I simply couldn't get away from the many obligations that were completely meaningless to me at the time, which we all get more or less at a young age. Even though they say, „Be happy while you're still young!”, I knew that true freedom would come only in my adulthood. Even then, I saw that many people misinterpreted the situation and that it is not adult responsibility that binds one's hands, but total freedom comes precisely with the assumption of responsibility.

Even the most audacious dreams become possible if we work for them with dedication and quality...
because it is the task of all of us to cross our own ocean.

Implementation of the first expedition

Then, during university, the time came to put aside all excuses and make my first expedition. Back then, I was mostly interested in sailing, so my first trip was a double ocean crossing, with a boat I designed and built myself. Victoria and I took a year off from university and despite the fact that we had never built a boat or rowed, and we had never even seen the ocean before, we returned to university with a mixed doubles ocean rowing world record. Experiencing this in my twenties was an incomparable, uplifting and brutal experience. After rowing across the ocean, I rowed from Europe to the Canary Islands with a naval officer and my younger brother Miklós, then I trained with other ocean rowers and the water gained more and more space in my life. I sailed twice from Europe to Brazil and from there to South Africa with a 34-foot and a 44-foot sailboat.

Holder of the English Guinness World Record title for rowing across the Atlantic Ocean in the east- west direction

The first solo expedition

I started my first solo expedition in 2011, during which I crossed the Atlantic Ocean in 77 days for the first time in the world. The special canoe required for the trip was made available to me by Nándor Fa. I could almost see behind the curtain during the world's first ocean crossing, hastily pulled together with minimal background... After paddling 2,200 km, the canoe overturned in a storm on open water a thousand kilometers from the nearest shore. As the ventilation hole was torn off by the overturning wave, the ship suffered a significant water intrusion, which caused it to start sinking. I had 8 minutes to save myself from the fatal situation and turn the ship back before it would sink to the 5 kilometer depth. Those 8 minutes and the following 44 days of the expedition without further communication changed everything in me. In addition to the basic lesson that we ourselves make a significant part of the mistakes before departure on land, I experienced that my life is also very finite, which is why it is extremely valuable. I learned that it is never a lost situation and nothing is impossible, since even a sinking ship thousands of kilometers from the coast can be turned back around, - it all depends on us...

In addition to sailing, I often run ultra distances. I ran across Hungary twice (700 km) and for the first time in the world I reached Mont Blanc (400 km) by running from the coast. I crossed Greenland in 29 days and was the first person from Hungary to reach the South Pole with a 44-day expedition starting from the edge of Antarctica.

Comprehensible presentations, the knowledge of which you can easily transfer to your own life

In my spare time, I pass on the knowledge I have acquired through my 15 years of expedition adventures to young people who are open to it. I regularly give lectures at several colleges and universities, but I also give many charity lectures for the younger age group that help them achieve their goals. I have been listened to by more than 250,000 people at 1,000 events so far on the topics of goal achievement, crisis management, focus and perseverance, and I have transferred ideas and techniques from expedition experiences. In addition, I help the work of several civil and non-profit organizations in the field of education and self-development.

...Because it is the task of all of us to cross our own ocean. For some it is stormy, and for some it is even stormier, but how much the person drifts on the ocean of his life or purposefully reaches the other side he/she has chosen depends heavily on his/her attitude to life and the quality work invested to achieve this goal. We always have the opportunity to improve on this. I condensed the spirit of this into my 3 books. And to further deepen this, I am going back to the ocean again, so that I can go to the very limit both physically and mentally. Under pressure and in sharp situations, where my actions have serious stakes. My life is at stake.

More than 250,000 people have listened to Gábor Rakonczay's lectures based on 15 years of expedition adventures at 1,000 events .


Csapatbajnokság: 1993: 1 hely, 1994: 1. hely, 1995: 2. hely, 1996: 3. hely.

Váltóbajnokság: 1995: 3. hely, 1996: 1. hely, 1997: 3. hely. 1999: 2. hely.

Egyéni: Diákolimpia: 1993: 1 hely, Sprint bajnokság: 1995: 2. hely.

Nemzetközi négynapos Hungária Kupa: 1993, 1. hely.

1997 – 2001: Képző és Iparművészeti szakközépiskola, Könyvműves szak

2002 – 2008: Nyugat Magyarországi Egyetem – Faipari Mérnöki Kar – Alkalmazott Művészeti Intézet, Építész tervezőművész, Formatervező szak.

2006: ros óceáni evezős hajó (Tűzhangya, Viktóriával.)

2009: Tengeri keelboat

2016: Egyszemélyes óceáni evezős hajó

2019: Szóló Óceáni SUP

1998: 3. hely.

1999: 1 hely.

1998: Országos füzetborító terv pályázat első hely.

1999: Moholy- Nagy Nívódíj

2007: Magyar Formatervezési Díj

6 x UB egyéni teljesítés (221 km) 

3 x PUB teljesítés (221 km)

2 x 6h SUHANJ: 3. hely (72 km és 73 km)

24h BUFF nyílt futam: 2. hely (216 km) 2021

48h OB: 2. hely (352 km) 2022

2 x Magyarország átfutása (681 km és 734 km) 2019, 2021

2 x EMU 6 napos Világkupa: 1 hely. (801 km és 843 km) 2021, 2022 (Nemzeti rekord)

Sea2summit, Genova – Mont Blanc, (400 km, 4809 m) 2019

Olaszországi 6 napos ultrafutó verseny 1. Hely (740 km) 2022

6 napos ultrafutó Világbajnokság – 1. Hely (848 km) 2023

2010 – 2011: Atlanti-óceán páros átvitorlázás, kelet-nyugat irányban.

(Viktóriával, Formosa 34’) Almeria (Spanyolország) – La Graciosa – Kanári szigetek (Gran Canaria, Pasito Blanco) – Zöldfoki szigetek (Mindelo) – Fernando de Noronha Brazilia (Recife) 

2010 – 2011: Atlanti-óceán páros átvitorlázás, nyugat-kelet irányban.

(Viktóriával, Formosa 34’) Brazilia (Recife) Trinidad Tristan da Cunha – Dél-Afrika (Fokváros)

2013: Szóló Atlanti-óceán átvitorlázás, kelet-nyugat irányban.

(Colvic 44’) Anglia (Ipswich) Francia o. (Dieppe – Brest) – Vizcayai-öböl – Spanyol o. (La Coruna – Villagarcia)– Portugália (Póvoa de Varzim Cascais – Lagos) – Gibraltári-szoros – Spanyol o. (Estephona – Benalmádena ) – Kanári szigetek (Gran Canaria, Las Palmas) – Zöldfoki szigetek (Mindelo) – Fernando de Noronha

2013: Szóló Atlanti-óceán átvitorlázás, nyugat-kelet irányban.

(Colvic 44) Brazilia (Fernando de Noronha) – Dél-Afrika (Fokváros)

2006 – 2007: Atlanti-óceán kelet-nyugat irányú első magyar páros átevezés.

(Viktóriával, a Tűzhangyán) 6700 km, 70 nap alatt. Első 1500 km-es szakasz: Cadíz – Casablanca Al Jadida La Graciosa – Gran Canaria, 19 nap. Óceánátevezés szakasz: 5200 km-er Gran Canaria (Pasito Blanco) – Antigua, (English Harbour) 51 nap. Magyar Formatervezési Díj – Budapest, Guiness World Records elismerés- London, „Az év kalandja Díj” – National Geographic Adventures Washington

2011 – 2012: Transzatlanti kenuzás a világon először és egyedül. 6400 km, 77 nap. Első 1200 km-es szakasz: Portugália (Lagos) – Gran Canaria (Las Palmas), 16 nap. Óceánátevezés szakasz: 5200 km Gran Canaria (Pasito Blanco) Antigua (English Harbour), 60 nap. Guiness World Record.

2007: Európa – Kanári szigetek evezés hármasban.

(Vasvári János – Rakonczay Miklós – Rakonczay Gábor) 1200km, 12 nap alatt. 1000 km: Lagos – La Graciosa, 9 nap. 200 km: La Graciosa Gran Canaria, Las Palmas 3 nap.

Grönland átkelés, kelet-nyugat, 7 fős csapattal (540 km, 29 nap) 2018

Déli-sark expedíció a kontinens szélétől, 4 fős csapattal (917 km, 44 nap) 2018-2019

Eisberg Grönland páros átkelés, nyugat-kelet, 2 fős csapattal (540 km, 30 nap) 2022

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